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By Virgil Shelton
Virgil Shelton, April 19th, 2018

You know what I think is really sad?

When solo entrepreneurs and small businesses give me money.

I know, sounds ridiculous right? You know why?

Because I'm hired to do technical tasks instead of creating business results.

Doing technical tasks is downright easy for me, but as I move into my 14th year of web design I see that simply finishing a clients task list doesn't lead to a positive return on investment.

So I'm dedicating my home page to helping out all the clients who I failed to generate profits for. 

I want to make it up to them and hopefully prevent any future clients from the pitfalls of hiring a web designer. 

Why Most Website Projects Fail

Can I get real for a second? Not to get too spiritual but I believe in the power of intention, and when mismatched intentions come together, failure is the outcome. 

For example a web designer is trying to make money in the easiest way possible. 

A client is trying to save the most money possible hoping the web designer they hire helps them hit the jackpot. 

How Do You Get On The Same Page?

I believe it's nearly impossible for a web designer to get truly passionate about your web project. 

That's because they really don't have any ownership in the business outcome. 

As a client the correct decision to make is avoid hiring a web designer altogether and do-it-yourself! 

Virgil Shelton and Family!

""If anyone is considering Virgil to work on their project, DON'T SECOND GUESS yourself! This guy is a pro! I know this because I am a web designer / developer. I came to Virgil for help on a project I was currently working...I was stuck for 3 DAYS trying to figure out an issue that took Virgil 2-3 HOURS! Needless to say, his skills are impressive! In fact, so nice that I paid the man extra when he was done...and I am usually very cheap! I was that impressed! Invest your money in a freelancer that is going to give you the results you want! You will get an awesome return on your investment working with Virgil. He is nice, professional and SUPER FAST at responding. He will keep you posted without you having to worry about your projects progress. Again. I am a web designer / developer so I know skill when I see it. Virgil made me want to perfect my craft just as he has. So, give your next project to this guy. I am taking a big ol' seal of approval and slapping it on top of this message. 2 Thumbs up for this 5 star freelancer!""

Jon D.

Web Designer / Web Developer

""Thoroughly satisfied. He's not bullshit. Gives practical answers and can break things down into simple steps for you to take. Quick to respond. and Even faster to grasp your needs and identify solutions. ""

Jason Zulu,