Need To Hire a Web Designer Who Makes You Profits From Your Website?

While most web designers could care less if you make money from your website, I refuse to work with clients who just want it done. Learn why...

By Virgil Shelton
Virgil Shelton, May 27th, 2018

As a customer you are always right, but what if I could change your mind?

You see web designers \ web developers and clients have an adversarial relationship.

You pay our bills and we begrudgingly take your orders.

It's really a big problem because you can't have two cooks in the kitchen.

Who Should Lead Your Websites Development?

The problem is we both think we have the best idea on how to make your website work the best for your clients.

Naturally the web team will lose the battle of ownership every time since the customers really do belong to you.

Other Service Industry Works Don't Fight With Clients

I think it's strange that other service providers don't have the struggles web folks do.

A mechanic doesn't fight with a customer on how they'll fix their transmission.

Plumbers aren't told which wrench to use.

Air conditioner repair people won't take your direction on how they replace your old AC.

Could There Be a Solution That Eliminates The Friction?

Today I'd like to introduce to you a simple solution that will create a win-win situation for both parties and make everyone profits along the way...

I call it The Battle of Two Pages Technique.


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