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WordPress Changes: Why Won’t My CSS Changes Show Up!

One of the worst and most aggravating problems you can run into while working with WordPress is making a change to a stylesheet and nothing happens.

The first culprit you’ll want to search for is caching.

Caching in WordPress is great for performance and developing a WordPress website that visitors will love. However with speed comes responsibility!

If a caching plugin like W3tc isn’t the problem then you’ll need to look at your web host or Cloudflare.

Cloud Flare is an awesome CDN, DNS, DDoS protection and security service. Cloudflare is unique in that it sits in between your webhost and Cloudflare. It acts as a reverse proxy protecting your website and hosting files on their fast CDNs. I love this service for larger websites with lots of traffic!

But… when a client has Cloudflare enabled you’ll need to put it in Development Mode so you can see your changes by temporarily disabling caching.


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Virgil Shelton

Virgil Shelton is a freelance web designer, web developer, SEO and website sales expert who's been working in the tech industry since 1997!

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