Want to get more dates that lead to the one?

Virgil Shelton and Family

I’ll gladly help you find love.

My Beautiful Wife and Daughter

Virgil Shelton and Family
Layale, Hallie and Virgil Shelton!

What Virgil Shelton is All About

If you’ve believe:

“I’m just not meant to find the one, no matter what books I read, or how much I try my relationships fall apart.”  I’ve been in your shoes.

Singles turn to me when they’ve tried their best but finding the one alludes them.

The system I’ve created to find love is truly unique and can help you prove that love is real.

After working with me you’ll have a clear plan to finding the one instead of guessing and hoping.

How Virgil Shelton Helps You Get Higher Quality Dates & Find the One

99% of matchmakers and so-called dating experts are single?

By default I can automatically help you find the one better than they can since I’m where you want to be.

Everything I teach is what I literally used to find my wife so you can be confident that my advice will work for you.

For the skeptics out there I’m also blogging and proving my “secret sauce” so you can try out my techniques and tactics and judge for yourself.

And don’t forget I provide exclusive online dating tips and advice on finding the one to my newsletter subscribers.

About Virgil Shelton

VirgilShelton.com was founded by Virgil Shelton in 2017.

After being frustrated with his six figure job working for a silicon valley company Virgil decided to get out of tech and get into the relationship issue. After seeing so many people single or married unhappily he knew it was time to help.

Virgil’s mission is to help people find true love because it’s never too late to find it not matter your age or circumstance. There literally are soulmates all around you but seeing them is nearly impossible without the right lens.

Virgil lives in the historic town of Mesilla New Mexico with his wife Hallie, daughter Layale and their dogs Notah and Coal!

Hallie and Virgil Shelton
Hallie and I were married on May 5th 2012!